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Original art available for sale. Go to Contat Ruth   or via Artfinder

Prints of originals available from Ruth's Etsy shop

Featured Art


The Whale and the Mermaid

A mixed media painting (A2 size)


The Whale in the Moonlight

A mixed media painting (A2 size).

Whale in the moonlight.jpg

Horse's Eye

One of a series of horse portraits in pastel

Birch Trees in Winter

One of a series of watercolour and ink paintings of trees



Another of my large pieces on black paper. 

Breach in the Moonlight

Mixed media painting

Charcoal mother and calf.jpg

Mother and Calf

A large panoramic charcoal drawing. 

Leaping Trout

A mixed media painting.

Whale Face.jpg

Whale's Eye

Charcoal drawing.

Charcoal Cat

Charcoal and pastel


Charcoal Cat

Charcoal drawing.

The Colourful Moods of Mabel

One of a series of cow paintings. Mixed media.

Big Owl.JPG


Pastel drawing.

A Night in the Forest

Mixed media.

Night in the forest.JPG

Pastel Cat

A large panoramic pastel drawing.

Blossom in the Moonlight

Mixed media painting.


Blossom in the moonlight

Mixed media painting.

Horse Portrait

Pastel drawing.


Breaching whale

A watercolour and ink painting.

Humpback Whale

A watercolour and ink painting.



About Ruth

Ruth is an artist, writer and marine biologist. She has a PhD in humpback whale ecology and behaviour and has studied the whales in the Caribbean, Tonga, Alaska and Canada. Ruth has always loved art and has sold her work around the world, including through exhibitions on boats in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. She's been commissioned to create charity cards for the Marine Conservation Society and artwork for an elephant sanctuary as well as numerous private commissions. She recently donated art to Viva! which was sold at auction. Ruth has also been commission to produce  giant abstracts for business clients.

Ruth's debut thriller, NO PLACE TO HIDE, was published by the Book Guild on 28th March 2023 and the second in the series, Twisted Obsession, is out on 28th April 2024.


Ruth lives in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside with her husband, cats, rescued hens and turkeys.  

Ruth's artist statement 

Ruth sells her art from the following website:  Artfinder


Ruth's author website:


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Originals Recently Sold 

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